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Live Tarot Readings

I will be hosting The Live Tarot Readings Heavenlybutterflyonline on Facebook, so for those of you that are wondering it will not be held here. It will be a CLOSED event. Only those subscribed an who RSVP’D will ONLY HAVE ACCESS! Again this a paid subscription to THE LIVE TAROT READINGS. I’m unsure of the next time I will be Hosting an event like this! So RSVP before Sunday, Jan 29,2017 at 3pm-6pm. The session will end, when I have read the last tarot for the last subscriber. Once I see all the subscribers have logged in, the session will begin! If you are late…I will not be responsible for you missing your slot…Once you all have subscribed I will send you an email to confirm your spot…NO GAMES…THIS IS SERIOUS AND I TAKE MY WORK SERIOUS! I ask that you respect everyone in all my sessions. Profanity and other…

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