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Kali Ma 

🌸Love & Light everyone! 🌸 Kali ma is the dark mother Hindu goddess. She is the destroyer of the ego (your shadow), she is the primary goddess of India and she freaking rocks!!!!! She is also the ruler of time, and time disintegrates, Kali Ma destroys time. Time destroys the living, it has even destroyed the gods and goddess themselves. In time we are born, in time we must die to recycle and return life. Kali Ma is the most wrathful and vengeful goddess of them all, but she is not a symbol of darkness or evil. She holds the severed head of the Hindu God Shiva in her hand, while she stands over his lifeless,severed corpse. The garland of heads she wears around her neck, are those of demons and men she has be-headed. She is the divine mother and master of manifestation and she manifest all to her worshippers who praise her without fear. Calling on Kali Ma is to call on your own mind- power of the mind. She is the highest symbol of nature. I absolutely love Kali Ma she destroys all obstacles her worshippers face. She is my favorite goddess! Who is your favorite god or goddess? 📌Post your GIFS/Photos and tell us who your favorite is

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