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Intentions & Paitence 

Hello friends,

Feeling like you have taken the right steps necessary to manifest the energy you emitted into the universe? Sometime we meditate on the intentions we desire, but typically fall short somewhere along the way. Sometimes the intent we put out, isn’t understood fully by the universe or they simply aren’t aligning with our actions. This causes confusion when we aren’t precise about what it is we truly desire to draw in.

On your way to work, you decide to stop for some breakfast. The line is pretty long being it’s the morning rush customers. You can tell the worker is a bit scrambled and their mind is all over the place. Your next in line, you can see the angry, rushed lady ahead irritated by her order not being correct. You can’t afford to be late for work, so you begin to run down your order precisely, so the waiter gets a clear understanding of what you would like. Explaining exactly to a T how you would like your coffee- Light Cream- No Suger. Say your weren’t precise enough to tell the waiter exactly what you wanted, he may have given you a dark coffee- no cream- or sugar. You took the appropriate actions to get your order correctly the first time! This is the same actions that must be taken, when setting your intentions out. You must be precise. I call them the the 3 P’s. Precise intentions- Clarify what it is you desire or need. Take the appropriate actions to see that you manifest those things, be patient, all things take time. When your paitient you show that your grateful, and when you show your grateful the universe is blessed and thankful for your paititence and gratitude. And as always remain positive and trust the process. I hope this helps you to start attracting the blessings that you have set out to receive. Always remain precise, patient, & positve.

Take a small paper and write down each intention precisely of what it is you truly desire and need. Keep this close by or post it where you will see this everyday. Follow the 3 p’s law. You will start attracting those blessings in no time!

Love & Light

Until next time take care of yourself & each other!

Kali Love

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