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Indian Warrior (Pedicularis Densiflora)

Healing properties: Muscle relaxant

Dosage: Can be smoked- to make a relaxing tea add 2 tbls to hot water-steep 10mins- add honey and lemon and drink. You can enjoy up to 2 glasses per day. Not recommended for children under 12. Consult your physician to make sure it doesn’t counter act with any medications you may be taking.

Usage: To relax tense muscles, and to aide in sleep.

Indian Warrior

Indian Warrior is an herb not to be confused with the spice, that our Native American ancestors used for many of its medicinal uses. The plant produces buds like cannibis and it does have similar effects. It was used by our Native American ancestors for its narcotic and medicinal uses. This is the most potent of the species. The effects are sedative and tranquilizing, so this shouldn’t be taken while operating machinery or driving. The leaves are magenta in color and they really do look like cannibis buds.

This blog is meant to inform you of natural healing remedies- I am not a doctor- Always consult your doctor in case of emergency. Always consult a certified herbalist and holistic healer before proceeding to taking herbs you are new to taking. If you have questions regarding Indian Warrior or any other herb visit to receive your holistic healing consultation.

Love & Light

Teri Taylor CCH, LMRT- Heavenly Butterfly Boutique

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