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How to Use a Pendulum

Dowsing with the Pendulum (Instructions)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

        The pendulum is truly an amazing divination tool, I have the opportunity to work with mine frequently. A pendulum is a crystal connected to a chain, it can be used for dowsing( working with your subconscious/higher self to connect with your guides, angels, and crystal fairies.  There is a proper way to connect and you will know when you have truly connected. But you must know the correct way to use your pendulum, and I’m going to teach you today! But first things first, its steps to everything in life. So I will start and try my very best to stay on topic (lol) while making it fun to learn how to properly use your new crystal buddy. There are many ways to use your pendulum, to answer yes or no questions is just the basic way and yet the most useful. That’s where I’m gonna start!

How to Use your Pendulum to Answer Yes or No Questions


Programming: Prepare yourself mentally and spiritually, I always mediate before programming my  pendulum. Holding the pendulum in your hand, sitting with your feet planted firmly on the ground, I always set the mood with what other tools (crystals, candles, incense, sage) I feel I may need. Now think of Yes and watch the pendulum and if the pendulum starts moving that’s the answer for (yes).  Repeat this step with (no) and (Maybe/IDK). Here are examples of how my pendulum is programmed:


-Side to Side-NO


You decide this by thinking your answers, if its confusing for you. You can tell the pendulum what responses you prefer to use as your yes/no/maybe. I talk to my pendulum (loudly) all the time (lol) nothing wrong with talking to the crystal fairies. They want to help you, trust them.

Verify Your Pendulums Signals Ask your pendulum questions that you know the answers to (3 questions) work just fine. This is to test the trustworthiness of your pendulum.

Program the Source of  Where the Pendulum Receives Information- Always call out the intention to receive the information from your higher self, otherwise the pendulum may limit itself to receive information just from the subconscious mind. Do this every time you use your pendulum. Do this by stating “I seek out my higher self and I ask for truthful answers that are aligned for my greater good, and the greater good of the Universe.”

Ask your question- Never ask for opinions and always be clear on the questions you ask. This could cause a miscommunication and confuse your pendulum. Stay away from words like “should, maybe and supposed” wait for your pendulum to respond. Relax and focus on receiving trustful, unbiased answers.

Clear Your Pendulum- After you have received your answer always take the palm of your hand, and cup the pendulum in your hand to clear it. This lets the pendulum know, that you are finished and ready to move forward.

                      Helpful Tips

   1.) Be open-minded, have an open heart and do not try to predict the answers

    2.) Relax and enjoy your connection with your higher self

    3.) Be patient and grateful

    4.)  Be clear on the wording of your questions

    5.) Always give thanks to your higher self, your guides, and the crystal fairies for guiding and protecting you.

Pendulums come in all shapes and sizes and type of crystals. I have managed to start making handmade pendulums because of there amazing beauty and properties.

Thank you,

Teri T.-Heavenly Butterfly Boutique

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