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Heavenly Butterfly Newsletter

Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique Newsletter

Heavenly Butterfly Newsletter Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique Newsletter

Volume 1 / Issue 1

Hello And Welcome To Our Weekly Newsletters

What all does the weekly newsletter cover?

We go over many topics pertaining to Crystals, such as metaphysical properties, shapes, and forms of crystals. As well as the background of crystals! Which is something you want to stay informed on.

How Often Will I Receive These Newsletters?

Once a week. So, make sure you add us to your contacts. This way it will ensure that your newsletters aren’t being sent to your spam, or junk folder.

“The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are.”

Crystal Background

The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are. In this section, you will find background information on how crystals are formed, advice on how to choose and care for your crystals; how to use them for healing and decoration, and the way to dedicate them.

Dedicating and programming your crystals help them work more efficiently. It is part of the ritual of working with crystals. As crystals are powerful beings they need to be approached with respect. If you do this, they will only be pleased in cooperating with you. Many people like to have a “crystal day” when they cleanse their crystals and then meditate with them to attune more strongly to their energy. Doing this regularly enables your crystals to talk to you and show you how you can use them to enhance your life and well-being. Taking the time to cleanse your crystals is very important. Crystals are efficient absorbents and transmitters of energy. One of their functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. If you leave your crystals to do this without regular cleansing, most become saturated and unable to do their work, though a few crystals are self-cleansing.

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is purple in color or lavender, it’s appearance is transparent, with pointed crystals. It may be a Geode, cluster, or single point. It comes in all sizes. It is one of the most common crystals, and can be found in the United States, Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia, and India.

ATTRIBUTES Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. A natural tranquilizer, Amethyst blocks geopathic stress and negative environment energies. It serenity enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness. Traditionally it is worn to prevent drunkenness and has a sobering effect on overindulgence and physical passions, supporting sobriety. It overcomes addictions and blockages of all kinds. Used at a higher level, Amethyst opens to another reality. Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate.


Amethyst boosts production of hormones, and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and the immune system. It is an excellent cleanser of the blood, it relieves physical,emotional, and psychological pain or stress, and blocks geopathic stress. It eases headaches and relieves tension. It reduces bruising, injuries, and swellings, and treats hearing disorders. It also heals disease’s of the lungs and respiratory tract. Along with many other skin disorders.TAGSCRYSTALS, HEAVENLY BUTTERFLY ONLINE BOUTIQUE, JEWELRY, JUDY HALL, METAPHYSICAL, THE CRYSTAL BIBLEEdit“Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique Newsletter”

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