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Healing After a Breakup

I have been digging a bit deeper into relationships and healing after a breakup a lot more than usual lately. I feel like there is someone reading this who needs to hear this and really find the right place to start the process of healing after a breakup.

I too had to go on a healing journey of my own and I realized throughout that journey there are many routes and responses that follow. But ultimately there is only one proper way to the road to healing.

You see, I wasn't always this enlightened about this process but with a lot of learning from courses I've taken throughout this journey and personal experience. I have learned that there is a level of sorts to healing after a breakup. Most of us think letting go is the first step and in most cases it is. But there is another level that goes much deeper into the process of letting go. This requires a lot of "shadow work". If you haven't completed the steps into shadow work then my lovely you have not healed.

Healing is like communicating--when one communicates they don't just communicate effectively they listen effectively as well. It's a two-way street process with shadow work as well. Honestly, shadow work is very dark, and inspiring at the same time. Another reason shadow work must be done during the healing process is because 100% of the time in most relationships that end are that one of the two people or maybe even both looses themselves in that relationship and sometimes can't even remember what actually makes them happy.

Imagine, you spend 10 to 20 years in a marriage. During those 10 to 20 years you've soley focused on your partners happiness and let your dreams and desires fall to the pits of hell. I myself remember being married and my ex didn't like onions so I cooked 100% of our meals without onions for 10 years. Before, I knew it I honestly forgot that I actually liked cooking with onions. This is rather a small example, but you get the point. There is someone out there right now that wants children but had an ex that didn't want children and has waited years to have a child, and they broke up and now her biological clock is ticking. Trust me, it happens a lot more than I'd like to hear or experience. This is why the importance of healing after a breakup should be on everyones top list of things to do.

I see so many people jumping from one relationship to the next before fully healing all to avoid lonliness.

Once a person is fully healed all of the things they truly desire will come to surface through that moment of self reflection and shadow work. This will ensure that firstly you are on the frequency you're requesting from. You can't be still in the energy of gaurded and unhealed asking for a healed individual who will provide your desires and an open flow of reciprocity.

Healing is different for each individual so the process isn't timestamped.

I will post a video on this soon and I will cover so much more on this. However, if you are unsure if you've fully healed through your past relationships,than contact me an allow me to assist you through this journey. You can contact me through the website or mobile app's contact form. **Phone calls will result in a per min charge.

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