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Getting To Know Your Heart Chakra

Bright Blessings to you all! Today I am going to introduce you to your 4th chakra! Your Heart chakra known by its Sanskrit name Anahata located in the center of the chest. The colors associated with the heart chakra are green & pink and is linked to the element of air and the sense of touch. The associated gland is the thymus which control the following:

  1. Circulatory System

  2. Lymphatic System

  3. Immune System

  4. The Heart

  5. Lower Lungs

  6. Rib Cage

  7. Skin

  8. Upper Back

  9. Arms

  10. Hands

Qualities and functions of the heart chakra are:

  1. Unconditional Love

  2. Harmony

  3. Balance

  4. Unity

  5. Compassion

  6. Kindness

  7. Affinity

  8. Giving

  9. Healing

  10. Compassion

  11. Understanding

  12. Devotion

  13. Selflessness

  14. Limitless

  15. Infinite

A few ways to balance, align, and rotate your heart chakra are Crystal Therapy, Reiki Treatments, & Meditation. If you’re feeling that your chakras maybe out of balance, look us up on the internet and schedule a healing consultation. Or visit a licensed and certified holistic practitioner in your area.

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