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Getting Connected With Your Chakras

The Root Chakra

The root chakra also known by its Sanskrit name “Muladhara located at the base of the spine. The color associated with this chakra are red and black, the corresponding element is Earth and it’s connected to the sense of smell. The associated gland is the Adrenal which is connected with the:

  1. Elimination System

  2. Anus

  3. Rectum

  4. Large Intestine

  5. Prostate

  6. Blood & Cell building

  7. Skeleton

  8. Skin

  9. Pelvis

  10. Hips

  11. Legs

  12. Feet

The qualities and functions of the root chakra are:

  1. Survival

  2. Power to achieve

  3. Goals

  4. Vitality

  5. Grounding

  6. Material security

  7. Money

  8. Home

  9. Job

  10. Stability

  11. Trust

  12. Sense of belonging

  13. Nature

  14. Biology

  15. Earth

To learn more about how to get connected with your chakras visit us on the web or give us a call Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST (980)-237-1088

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