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Full Moon Celebration Ritual

Today is a full moon!!! This months full moon phase is all about being grateful and manifesting! We here at Heavenly Butterfly Boutique exercise gratitude by performing a FULL MOON ritual with the intent to let go of habits that hinder us from expressing gratitude. We start by charging all of our favorite crystals the night before,and the day of the ritual we sage and smudge our space and aura and clear our mind of the day to day ramble. We focus our thoughts on the things we want to manifest into our lives during this time. This is the time to write those intents out and we place these on our alter with our crystals and our lit candle. These are the items that carries the energy needed to manifest whatever it is we would like to draw into our lives. We do this with an open mind and open heart- love always overcomes all. Any intent that is cast out should always be one for the greater good of yourself, others around you and the universe. As this is a time for healing, an intent to heal certain aspects of your life are also a great energy to cast out. How do you celebrate the Full Moon? Leave us your Full Moon Celebration ritual by commenting below!

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