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Friday’s Predictions

It’s time to reclaim your power, whomever or whatever situation you have given your authority to, its time to take it back. If you are worried or fear being judged, ridiculed, or criticized- let that go. You have and are being deceived. The temptress walks around as if her beauty and seduction can blind anyone. The all seeing eye doesn’t appreciate this. It see’s all. And yet she acts as if no one knows. Your waking up to the Real True you. This is the only way change will ever come. You have got to realize how powerful naturally you are. Transformation is confirmed once you regain your power back. This could be a loved one, a love partner, a friend, or a job. They have bamboozled you into believing the promises they have made. Those promises will never manifest. Scammers are lurking it makes no matter if you’ve known them for a few years or a lifetime, scammers are scammers regardless of the title. Be careful of scammers during this time. If you play your cards right you will see a very positive transformation, in the form of growth and happiness. This transformation is the release of something you no longer need. Your getting rid of what no longer serves you. It’s a blissful peace in transformation. I hope that whatever you’re going through you truly follow the advice. Leave your comments on today’s reading I would so love your feedback.

I love you abundantly! 💜

Spiritual Buttafly 🦋

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