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Friday’s Messages

Moonlight Goddess

Repressed Emotions, Healing, Reflection

Bright Blessings,

The moonlight angel you see in the picture above is showing in today’s message to take you back to repressed emotions that you have stored inside your heart, she wants to heal you through your dreams. In order for her to heal you, you must pour your heart out and express your true emotions of how you feel. This must be done not only for you, but for those around you. Everything you do is not only effecting you, but it is effecting those around you as well. It always seems to effect those we love the most, it is safe at this time to acknowledge your feelings, stop repressing then. You only bury them deeper making them almost impossible to find. Surrender and let go of any hurts or ill feeling and intentions. You do realize that you’re surrounded by love and the healing energies of the moon goddess. Your eternally loved and eternally protected. In the next coming month you will reflect a lot on your past and past situations that may have caused you hurt and pain, this is normal don’t fight it. This is where the healing must take place. Let go of any disappointments or hurts that no longer serve you, only keep the happy moments, the situations that make you smile. Once your heart is full of love and light, a new season will begin for you. A new journey will emerge and this is where you will find a new joy and a new passion! In comes spring where all living things have life. There is no greater time than today to let go of repressed emotions that have no purpose in your life. I hope today’s messages help you see how resilient and amazing you are! Nothing is impossible, it’s up to you to realize that. Until Monday enjoy your weekend and take care of yourself and every living thing around you!

Love & Light

Spiritual Butterfly 🦋


I give thanks for healing

that is taking place now in my life

I express all I feel honestly and lovingly

without fear or apprehension

I am safe- I am loved

I am one with the Goddess

I am one with the Earth and all creation

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