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Friday’s Messages

Nine of Hearts

Fulfillment, Harmony, Protection

Bright Blessings,

Today’s message comes in time for Valentine’s Day! Nine of hearts is a beautiful indication when it comes to love. This card embodies success, emotional fulfillment, and wisdom.

Something that is dear to your heart or something your working towards will have a positive outcome. This will lead to a space of peace and harmony and a deep sense of satisfaction. Emotionally you will feel very fulfilled, what you strive to create and achieve is granted and all is protected along the way. A beautiful bright light shines upon you, everything around you is blessed this is a strong indicator that all is safe you can move forward with high confidence. This could be in regards to a loving relationship perhaps taking the next step, it could also be the love for your career choice. Anything that you love & nurture will grow. This is a good time for you! Follow your heart, it’s safe to listen to it.

I hope today’ s Message has helped ensure that you are loved and protected. Embrace that love!

Love & Light

Spiritual Butterfly

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