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Friday’s Message

Thinking of You

A loving thought, Serendipity

Bright Blessings,

Today’s card is confirmation that someone you have been thinking about is thinking about you also. It may be someone who has passed away or a living friend, family member or loved one. Remember our thoughts and feelings are forms of energy frequencies or wave lengths that transcends space and time. We transmit and receive information through our thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t makes no difference weather we are near or far to that someone, alive or passed away. We are subconsciously in constant communication with those we think about love. Now that you have heard this, your probably imagining your thoughts traveling through space and time. However in actuality nothing really travels anywhere. This is because energetically, or spiritually, there is no separation in the first place. We are all interconnected and ultimately one, eternally held within an ocean of divine love. The great cosmic ocean of life is as vast and endless as we can imagine it to be, and at the same time it can be smaller than the smallest particle.


All I love lives forever in my heartI am one with all humanityI am one with all creationI am in constant communion with everyoneTime and space are real only when I believe they are. I hope today’s message helps you to see that you are loved and we are all one with the divine. Order Your Personal Reading With Me

Love & Light

Spiritual Butterfly

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