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Fenugreek is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Fenugreek is mainly cultivated in Western regions. Fenugreek is a plant of Fabaceae family. This is a small strong smelling annual herb. The leaves are bright green and it has a bitter smell. The fruits are pods, and the flowers are white. Each pod contains about 10 to 20 seeds. The seeds are yellow and brown in color and hard when they’re dried. The leaves are used as a vegetable in vegetarian recipes. The seeds are and can also used as condiments and for medicines. The seeds are carminative, and they’re very useful in children’s flatulence and digestive disorders.The seeds are also used as a cure for diabetes type 2. Fenugreek also has some truly amazing tissue healing properties. Some of those properties are found in birth control today. Fenugreek has also been used to treat burns. Fenugreek can be burned as an incense and are used to draw in money and fertility. We hope that you start to incorporate some of the natural herbs we discuss in our blogs. Leave your comments we would love to hear from you! Visit to subscribe to updates & offers on natural Holistic remedies and healing consultations!

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