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Energy Medicine

We are so much more than just a physical body, however remarkable that is! There is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field that can only be described as a rainbow like aura or light body.  There is a subtle energy that interacts with our bodies physical  body, by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy. In yogic practices these spirals of energy centers are also known as chakras which means “Wheels of Light”. 

There are 7 main chakras (plus many many others) that interacts with our bodies ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system by feeding it good energy and getting rid of unneeded or unwanted energy. 

It is imperative for our general health and the prevention of “illness” or “disease” that we nourish our chakras in the correct ways. There are a number of methods and techniques that I will cover in this blog, that will all offer methods into balancing your life force energy. Improving your overall health and life both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

The chakras are fundamental to have an understanding of holistic healing. The uses of the following in combination with one another have proven to help and aid in the correcting of many illnesses or diseases. 

Our bodies external subtle energy field can be best described only as the aura. Think of your chakras as the blueprint of the body, that holds information of any past pain and trauma as imprints in the auric field. These can affect the emotional and physical health through its connection to the endocrine glands which regulates the human behavior. There are 7 layers of the Aura, I will cover a good bit of this information in this blog as well. 

7 Layers of the Aura:

All of these bodies are within the Physical Plane

  1. Etheric Body (also known as the lower etheric)- The main color is Red

  2. Emotional Body (Aka the lower emotional aspect)- The main color is Orange. 

  3. Mental Body (Aka the lower mental aspect)- The main color is Yellow.

This Body is within the Astral Plane

  1. Higher Mental Body (within the astral plane)- The main color is Green.

All of these bodies are within the Spiritual Plane 

  1. Spiritual Body (Aka the etheric template)- The main color is Turquoise.

  2. Casual Body (Aka the celestial body)- The main color is Deep Blue.

  3. Ketheric Body (Aka the higher mental aspect)- The main color is Violet. 

All of these bodies have what are called “auric qualities” I will not be covering those in this blog, however I will be sure at the end of this blog to provide information on where you can learn more about the Auric Qualities of each of these 7 Layer bodies. Subtle energies are central to many therapies and disciplines particularly in ones generating more East which offers a clearer understanding about the different types of energy flow. I will list a few of the practices that work with subtle energy below. 

Practices That Work With Subtle Energies

  1. Aromatherapy

  2. Acupuncture

  3. Tai-chi

  4. Chi Kung

  5. Sound Therapy

  6. Mantras

  7. Color/Light Therapy

  8. Flower Essence

  9. Reiki

  10. Reflexology

  11. Crystal/Gem Therapy

  12. Spiritual Healing

  13. Psychic Surgery

Are amongst many of the practices that work with subtle energies to bring overall wholeness and health to our bodies. 

We All Have What Are Called “Major” and “Minor” Chakras 

I will not be breaking them down in this blog just yet…. you have 7 Major chakras and 21 Minor chakras. I will be adding information about these in the bonus material section of my Reiki level 1 course, I will add the links later. It is vital to keep our chakras in balance and perfect harmony, because each of our chakras have a role in balancing some aspect of our subtle life force energy. Our chakras send signals and messages to our aura and in turn to our environment and our physical . Which I discuss in all of my Reiki 1,2 and master’s courses. 

Ways to balance your chakras? 

  1. Chakra Balancing

  2. Aura & Chakra Cleansing

  3. Foods

  4. Reflexology

  5. Color Therapy

  6. Kinesiology

  7. Aromatherapy

  8. Reiki

  9. Yoga

  10. Crystal Therapy

  11. Sound Therapy

  12. Yantras

  13. Mantras

  14. Meditation

Are all many of the ways you can balance your chakras. I get asked often times “Do I need to do all of the practices you named on the list?” And the honest straightforward answer is No, typically 2 or 3 of the practices in combination with any other health regimine your following have proven to work effectively. If one chooses to use all of the methods provided it would greatly help the process but it isn’t required. However, every therapist is different and there maybe times when they may encourage and recommend you do many of the practices mentioned. 

However, not all therapist will do the same things. That’s why it is also important that you choose your therapist wisely. Consider many things like are they certified, what are others saying about their services, what are there code of ethics, what is included in their services and do they discuss this during the consultation?

You owe it to yourself to take back full control of your health & your life, if your interested in finding out more about “Energy Medicine” visit to get information on Energy Medicine & The Chakras and why it is important to keep all your chakras in full alignment and balance. 

Namaste –

Teri Taylor CCH-RMT

Find out more information on the Chakras: The Chakra Bible By: Patricia Mercier 

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