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Crystal Formation


Tumbled Rose Quartz Healing Crystals

A crystal is a solid body with a geometrically regular shape. Crystals were created when the earth formed and they continued to metamorphose as the planet changed. Consider it, the earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution. They are mini storehouses, containing the records of the development of the earth over millions of years, they bear the indelible memory of powerful forces that shape it. Whatever form the crystals take, their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy, more so on the electromagnetic waveband.

Our next Blog will cover information on THE CRYSTAL LATTICE so make sure you  Subscribe to us to get this info as we post it. And later in the week, we will through chapter’s of the Crystal Bible By Judy Hall. A lot of the information I Blog about will be referenced from that book. It’s really a good book! I actually use this book in many of my crystal practice’s it give’s very detailed information… She has 3 Volumes the one I am referencing is Volume 1. I’ll frequently blog and send out Newsletter’s on my reading’s. What information I feel would be of interest to each one of you. And information that ONLY I have actually used and it’s actually worked in my life. I will discuss MANIFESTATION how I have manifested a lot of things, materialistically, or in forms of blessing’s. I will discuss how powerful the human mind is. No matter how many times I discuss these topic’s I’m amazed at the reactions of people, who have never known this stuff. The amazement in their eye’s. and the hunger to know more! And in my mind I wanna share it all over to everyone I meet in passing. But I don’t for several reason’s, I don’t want to come off as crazy first and foremost!  But I don’t want to spend hour’s consumed with trying to WAKE other’s up! So I would post frequently about this on my personal Facebook page, and I was shocked at the number’s of people who knew a little about crystal’s and they have heard of their metaphysical properties. But they have either never tried it, or just never followed up on them. And I started receiving numerous emails from people who wanted me to post more on those topics and my tarot reading’s and other information that  I may have that  I could share! I always say Power Is Knowledge!  It is but Only if APPLIED. So what better way to apply it, then to post topics and discussions on the information that I know for a FACT will help someone out without personally being in the physical presence. And I can do this all over the world! I loved the idea of blogging and anyone from anywhere can receive this information if they can’t afford to pay for it. I hope that you all enjoy it. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, if you if you have some information you would like to get out there. Please comment and post in the comment section. I welcome all feedback.

Thank you!

Teri Taylor- Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique

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