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Colors in Healing 

Hello friends,

Today’s article I will be discussing the importance of colors, the meanings, and how they can been used and incorporated in your daily Reiki practices.

Colors have amazing healing properties and colors are used in hospitals today for those healing purposes. I have added below the 7 most important colors in healing and their meanings. I hope that you all enjoy this article and begin incorporating colors in your daily healing practices!

Love & Light!

7 Important Colors in Healing

  1. Purple– Purple is associated with crown chakra located at the top of the head which controls the element of thought. The Crown chakra is associated with the Pineal gland, physically it controls the cerebrum, mind, central nerveous system, and the whole body. The qualities or functions the color purple are associated with are: Perfection, integration, wisdom and purpose, enlightment, knowledge, spirituality, understanding, self-relazation, unity, comnection, fulfilment, completion, and universal coucoiusness. Verb for crown chakra: I know

  2. Indigo- Indigo is asscociated with the third eye located in the middle of the forehead which controls the element of light. The third eye is associated with the putuitary gland and hypothalamus, physically it controls the endocrine system, brain, head, eyes, sinuses, face and parts of the nerveous system. The qualities and functions of the third eye and color indigo are: intuition, insight, imagination, inner vision, clairvoyance, perception, imagination, concentration, peace of mind, projection of will, manifestation, spiritual awareness, vision, individual consciousness. Verb for thrid eye chakra: I see

  3. Blue- Blue is associated with the throat chakra located in the base of the throat which controls the element of Ether, the sense of sound. The throat chakra is associated with the thyroid gland and parathyroid gland. Physically it controls the respritory system, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, jaw, neck,throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, and metabolism. The qualities and functions of the throat chakra and color blue are: creative self- expression, communication, inspiration, wisdom, confidence, integrity, truth, freedom, independence, abundance, sound, vibration, and receiving. Verb for the throat chakra: I speak

  4. Green/Pink- Green and Pink are associated with the heart chakra located in the center of the chest which controls the element of air and the sense of touch. The heart chakra is associated with the thymus, and physically controls the circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems, it also controls the heart, lower lungs, rib cage, skin, upper back, arms and hands. Qualities or functions of the heart chakra are: unconditional love, harmony, forgiveness, balance, unity, compassion, kindness, affinity, giving, healing, compassion, understanding, devotion, & selflessness. Verb for heart chakra: I love

  5. Yellow- Yellow is the color for the solar plexus chakra located above the navel, but below the chest which controls the element of fire and the sense of sight. The associated gland of the solar plexus is the pancreas and physically controls the digestive system, liver, stomach, small intestine, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nerveous system, middle back & muscles. The qualities and functions of the solar plexus are: personal power, social identity, influence, authority, self-control, autonomy, will, purpose, control, self determination, self empowerment, energy, self-esteem, intellect, & destiny. Verb used for the solar plexus: I can

  6. Orange- Orange is associated with the sacral chakra located below the navel which controls the element of water and the sense of taste. The glands associated with the sacral chakra are: testicles and the overies. The sacral chakra controls the reproductive system, prostate, sexuality, uterus, bladder, urinary tract, kidneys, lower digestive organs, & lower back. The qualities of functions of the sacral chakra are: opeaness to others, relationships, emotions, intimacy, sharing, sensations, enthusiam, personal creativity, pleasure, movement, imagination, appetite, & the unconscious. Verb used for solar plexus: I feel

  7. Red- Red is the color associated with the root chakra located in the base of the spine which is associated with the earth and the sense of smell. The associated gland of the root chakra is the adrenal gland,the root chakra physically controls the elimination system, anus, rectum, large intestine, prostate, blood and cell, building skeleton, skin, pelvis, hips, legs, & feet. The qualities of the root chakra are: survival, power to achieve goals, vatality, grounding, material security, money, home, job, stability, trust, sense of belonging, nature, biology, & earth. Verb used for root chakra: I have

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