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Card Of The Day The World

The World- The world collectively, is experiencing a rebirth. All that is old is being washed away to make room for the new. The journey will be a tough one, however it will be a successful one. The rebirth has already begun and we are nearing its completion. People are waking up spiritually and you’re beginning to see the bigger picture. I said back in 2017 that the veil had lifted, and now the one’s that have awaken must lead the ones that are lost to this successful ending. Wholeness will be restored, it’s time to show love, empathy, and understanding for everyone around us in order to fully reap the wholeness spirit shows me. We are still in mercury retrograde and this is a time to reflect on past events and change work to change those things. Retrograde can be used for a positive reason, this is truly a time where one can go back and revisit certain situations and people in order to correct those. Think of this as a time of second chances!!!!! Take advantage of this opportunity while it’s here, July 12th will end this retrograde.

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