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Anxiety-Ace of Wands

What is SUCCESS to you? What makes you so afraid of success? Are you truly doing everything in your power to reach it?

If your anxiety is at an all time high, it’s a reason for this, there is a need for you to take action and now! The time has come and your opportunity has arrived, what are you doing to reach that level of high? How far are you willing to go to achieve this? You’ve allowed the thoughts and feelings of others to

hinder you so long and now your afraid.

Remember the energy always returns to you, and how you receive it is not always the way you want it, if your intentions are not aligned properly. Whatever you’re reaching for only matters if your taking the necessary actions to achieve it. You could want success all day and never really pivot yourself in the direction you’re required to achieve it. It’s time to put what others think and feel aside, especially if they haven’t reached that level of success themselves. It’s time to follow your true destiny, the reason you face the obstacles you face are simply because you’re not in true alignment with what your soul is trying to lead you to. It’s time to act and act fast! This message has Fire 🔥 energy all through it- Leo ♌️ Aries ♈️ Sagittarius ♐️ energy!!!!!!

If you’ve been working your own business this card tells you that self improvement, growth, and career advancement should be your focus during this time. This is what success is all about!

To get in alignment with your true soul calling! Contact me on how I can help you to get in alignment with your sooil

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Jun 16, 2021

Nice Article, thank you for sharing.

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