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Card of the Day

The Star- The Star is all about renewal and healing, there is a renewal/healing taking place today in your life and the lives of others. This card symbol peace- which is exactly what God has given us a moment of peace ☮️ a lot of us are staying at home 🏡 and we have gotten the chance to really enjoy the things we take for granted on a daily. The fact that you work day in and day out, do you really get to enjoy the things you’ve worked so hard for? Your home for example is one of the many things that we work so hard for yet we are hardly ever home to enjoy it. Whatever it is that you’ve been wishing and hoping for is soon coming into fruitio- spirit is urging you to keep the faith. Continue to follow and trust in your intuition, this is a time of astrological magic! Enjoy this moment of rest and relaxation it’s preparing you for something greater.

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