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Card of the Day

February 19th 2020

Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Matters of Communication: Now is not the time to hold back! This Fire card tells you to communicate your needs, feelings, and boundaries. It’s time to have a conversation and a very important conversation, this isn’t the time to hide what you feel. It’s time to speak your truth, stand up and be counted. You’ve been quite too long, about a situation or with someone. You may think that this is the proper way to behave and handle things. But this card tells you, it’s not! This is what is in fact restricting you. It’s time to lift that restriction off of your aura. Your feelings have been quashed, along with new ventures that have come your way. This state of mind is restricting you from reaching those opportunities that you’ve been asking the universe to bestow upon your life. It’s time to invite change into your life at this time.

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