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Candle Magick

I wanna slowly bring you into knowledge of Candle Magick and my experience with them. In this blog you’ll find information on candles and their TRUE meaning’s as well as a background on candle’s. And we’ll make this an open discussion where you can comment and ask questions. My goal is to give you FACTS by things I have used and experienced in my studies. I will break these down over several blogs posted daily or weekly. Which ever time permits. So I do ask that you Subscribe to Us so that you are able to receive notifications on them. This segment will include a background on candle’s. my experience, as well as what the color WHITE means… I do understand that some people tend to be afraid of what they do not know. So this is not an attempt to loose you along the way, it’s to educate you. Give you insight on a part of life and history that I knew NOTHING ABOUT! And how I found it, and incorporated it in my life..And how I have manifested things in my life. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, candles can be used by ANYONE.


Candles date back ages ago, I always thought it was used only for lighting purpose’s. But I soon found out that is not the only reason. I always remembered on birthday’s being excited about blowing my candles out at cake time! Making a wish…and I always wanted something I thought impossible (or is it?). Like a Pony….Wonder why I never got that pony? Then when it would storm my mom would always bring the candle’s out. And then I just thought they were used to make wishes and light the house when their would be not lights. And  when my father passed away I noticed behind the PREACHER was a set of white candle’s burning, I didn’t understand why, would their be candles in the church when it was lights clearly on inside the church? And it wasn’t anyone’s birthday.?  No one certainly didn’t tell me the story on candles. I mean obviously at this point in life..Why didn’t I know a history on the candles on the birthday cake, or the meaning candles played in on a funeral or church?  Why at this point in my life does the story even matter? Well believe it or not it does matter. And I would soon find out why… I started hearing about meditation and YOGA before candles even became a topic. I studied on Yoga and quickly found bud ism. I started studying on mantra’s and mantra beads… These helped. I practiced meditation everyday for 12-15 mins solid a day. I was amazed at the results mantra’s and meditation did! I felt better about myself and life. I quit smoking all behind this new practice I found. I was more intrigued at this point more so then I ever have in my life. My curiosity was that of a child. I begin to dig deeper until I stumbled upon a religion that I found amazing. I fit in here, I felt a sense of belonging with this group.. It’s called Wicca. Reading and digging more I found how Wicca and candles worked together. I found out how I could incorporate candles in my daily meditation rituals. I admit I was a bit timid about doing it…I was scared, I didn’t know what to expect. I soon learned the real in depth meaning of an intention…Just what I meditate on. A WISH pretty much. So I read how other’s have manifested things into their lives, and of course I wanted to try this. And I did, and it worked. The key to using candles is to make sure your intent is pure at heart, it’s for the greater good of the universe and with setting your intent you wish to cause harm no to no one! I put it in Bold CAPS for a reason! I can’t stress that enough! Karma is REAL and for some reason, in candle magick it’s force is EVEN STRONGER! Just like energy is real.Anyone can perform candle magick it’s the easiest form of magick their is. After all, all you need is an intent and a candle. The human mind is very powerful, that’s another topic and blog…I’ll go over that one at a later time. But this is simply all you need to begin manifesting things into your life and the major rule of all to follow! NO HARM TO NONE! Or you will get every intent you put out X’S 3! Also Blessing the candle is another MAJOR KEY to the success of your intent (wish). I will go over blessings and dressings for your candle’s in another blog later on..But today I’m going to go over the color white and it’s meaning. If you guys have any question’s comment in the comment section and I will come back with answer’s and response’s to all your burning questions.

White Candle- White contains all colors, It symbolizes purity, and innocence, and the maiden aspect of the triple goddess. Use white candles for Purification, Peace, Healing,Truth, Serenity, Cleansing, Spirituality, Clarity, Wholeness, and Joy.

Next Time We’ll Go Over The Color Black And It’s Meaning. Until then please SUBSCRIBE for these Newsletter’s and Other Offer’s and Special Promotions!

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