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Candle Magic (Instructions and Rules)

Hello Friends,

Today I want to go over a few rules and instructions to candle magic. With the intent to spread knowledge one must instruct in full detail. And in my last two blogs, I did not cover rules and instructions on them. Thats why in this particular blog I want to cover that. So that you are able to use and incorporate these tools in your daily, weekly, or monthly rituals. I have been practicing candle magic for two years, I attended a Wicca school on this. A good bit of the information I am offering today comes from my book of shadows. Although I do not share all of the information from my book of shadows. I will be sharing some of my experiences along with the proper way to achieve success by using this knowledge I am sharing.  So please make sure you have Subscribe to us for blogs like this and more!

Candle Magic Instructions:

The most important thing to do is make sure you have all tools prepared and available for your rituals.  I will include a check list for the items you will need. Firstly you want to pick your candle color for that specific day. Example: Let’s pretend it’s Sunday, and the color’s for Sunday include Gold & Yellow. So the color we will use will be Gold as gold and yellow hold the same meaning. 

Items Needed:

  1. One Gold Candle

  2. Candle Snuffer or Spoon

  3. Matches or Lighter (I prefer Matches) as they have a more clear energy. (if that makes sense).

  4. White Sage (I’ll explain)

  5. Turkey Feather

  6. Sea Shell (For Smudging Sage) another blog coming soon.

  7. Crystal of The Day

  8. Meditation Music

  9. Peaceful Quiet Surrounding

  10. Olive Oil (Pure Virgin)

  11. Something sharp to engrave your candle.

  12. Incense (Myrrah, Frankinsense, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rose, Sandlewood, Musk) Several others you can use,depending on what the ritual asks for.

  13. Pure Heart

  14. Clear Mind

  15. Pen & Paper

  16. Alter

  17. Pure Sea Salt

Okay I think I have covered all the items required to begin practicing candle magic! I want to stress the IMPORTANCE of RULES!!!!! In anything in life comes rules, they’re rules at your Job, in School, in games, on Facebook everywhere you look it’s a rule or guideline. Trust me! It’s a great thing we have rules. We need them, otherwise we would have a lot of disastrous consequences. I thought long and hard about adding this and incorporating this into my blogs, only for the reason of the rules. And how some don’t take them serious. But then again we are all adults, and with that in mind is the reason I added it. These rules MUST be followed exactly as they are worded. I firstly want to explain the purpose for the sage trust me, it’s a great reason. Sage has been known to clear the aura around you and the energy in the room. It is a cleanser. I use sage in every part of my house, even around myself. And as soon as the scent hits my nose it’s so intoxicating, it’s almost like a sedative to me. The smell is pungent, so it does take some getting used to. I again have been doing this for 2 years now. So I have adjusted to the smell so much, that I have to burn it everyday. I go through the entire room and house and around myself as well as creating a circle around myself with the smoke. I have my meditation music playing giving the room a serene feeling. It is very important you have a window(s) open, it gets really smokey. While I’m going around the room I fan the smoke with my turkey feather  as I’m holding the sage in the sea shell, I go around the room, making sure to get in dark/shaded places. I then repeat a chant “Any energy that no-longer serves a positive purpose in my life I ask that you go into the light, your presence is no longer needed. Thank you”. I repeat this as long as it takes to get the room smokey. I then sit my sage and sea shell on my alter, and begin dressing my candle. I dress my candle with the olive oil and sea salt, and I take my sharp object to engrave my candle with my name. I place my candle inside my candle holder,I light it, &  I meditate on my intent &  I say the most important words over my candle with my mind and heart cleared and my pure and  positive energy. “For the greater good of the universe, and with NO HARM TO NONE SO MOTE IT BE”.  I DO NOT BLOW out my candles! This is an absolute NO-NO! If you must put out your candles it is important not to destroy the energy by blowing your breath on it. Use your spoon or candle snuffer. Let your candle burn completely out and discard as the ritual recommends. These are just a brief introduction on the do’s and do not’s. I will now be doing a few blogs weekly covering a little of the information I have covered in this blog. As well as in other’s. If you have any questions pertaining to this blog as well as any others, please leave them. I would love to hear them. My goal is to get as much information out there as my time here permits. I will soon be adding sage to the online store as well. So stay in the loop on the new items by subscribing to us. 

Thank you,

Prosperity & Blessings

– Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique-

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