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Candle Magic (Color Of The Week)


Hello Friends,

As some of you know, I blog weekly about crystals and their metaphysical properties as well as we pick a candle color of the week and discuss their meaning. Along with information on what days of the week they are best used in your rituals. Last week I discussed the color black. If you missed that blog you can find it Here. For those of you that have already caught up! This weeks color will be GOLD. 

If you like the color Gold you more than likely, have a beautiful bubbly personality.You exude confidence and are typically a very happy person!

Meaning Of The Color Gold:

The color Gold has many meanings in different cultures, different parts of the world, and in different religions.

The color Gold means: Success, Achievement and Triumph, Abundance, Prosperity, & well-being. It also implies affluence, extravagance, prestige, sophistication, & elegance. Gold represents the masculinity energy as Silver represents the feminine energy. It is the color of the Sun. It is also the most traded commodity in the world. It is uplifting, and a positive color. It makes one feel optimistic, enlightened, and spiritually heightened. Gold is the color for Winner’s. Gold also means generosity, tradition, and brilliance.

Gold is a color that catches the eye, makes one feel power and control.

Gold can affect you in many ways here are a few:

  1. Inspires better understanding and knowledge of oneself.

  2. Increases compassion and love.

  3. Boosts generosity and makes you want to share your wisdom and wealth.

Sunday – This the day to burn Gold Candles and incorporate these into your rituals.

I will soon be releasing a blog on the moon phases and discussing exactly how the moon phases play a part in your rituals and candle magic. So please Subscribe to Us if you haven’t already so that you are able to get updates on blogs like this and MORE!

Thank you,

Prosperity & Blessings

– Heavenly Butterfly Online Boutique –

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