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Candle Magic (Color Black)


Hello Friends!!!

Today I will discuss the color black and its meaning, so lets begin!

Think of color therapy, candle magic is based on that same principle. Different colors have different frequncies as well as different effects on the human psyche. When Practicing candle magic it is important to use effects in a positive way. Doing this can increase one’s mind power. This goes with how powerful the human mind is, I’ll cover in another addition. There are several different candles you can incorporate in your daily practices, rituals, and just to burn and enjoy. But I personally think tapered candles work best. I only incorporate tall candles when I’m doing a 3-7 day intent. I really stick to small tapered candles. We will be adding candles to the website very soon! We will keep you posted as we update the site. 

Scented Candles 

Scented Candles are GREAT to use as well, they do reflect differently on other’s. Some rituals call for a specific scent. The use of incense is highly recommended for candle magic. I will also add the day(s) of the week that are best to use which color, the days of the week play a big role in how strong the intent will be and how high the energy will be for that day.

Black Candles:

Protection, absorption, and destruction of negative energy. It is also used for repelling negative energy from other people as well. 

Day CorrespondenceSaturday – This is the only day Black should be used!

Next Time- I will discuss the color purple as well as it’s meaning. If you haven’t already please Subscribe To Us! For Discounts, Special Offer’s, & Promotions!!!!

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