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Are your Chakras Open?

What are Chakras?

Chakras are spinning pools of energy, that assist in the flow of your energy field. Chakras translates as wheels, there are 7 main chakras in the body system that correspond to the central axis that runs along your spinal cord, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Our chakras allow us to visually see a blueprint of our makeup, in rainbow color. We can meditate on the chakras and bring great insight to our being, it will also be very relaxing for you.

The chakras spins because the life force flows through us and flows up the central channel, the life force was given its name in Eastern tradition  which is the Kundalini. It flows like a river through the central channel. The Kundalini is compared to a snake by the way it crawls up the spine which connects to an amazing divine supreme consciousness once activated.

Most of this divine supreme consciousness lies dormant in the base until we take the time to meditate and use Yoga, to wake this life force and become more powerful than we are told that we can be.

Our Chakras represents a different part of us and will bring up different things into our awareness. If you have never meditated or participated in yoga before it is fair to say your chakras have not been open or activated.

Meditation is very relaxing and it helps to bring out anything that has been suppressed in our unconscious for some time, which stops the flow of our energy making us feel tired and weak. Meditating will allow this energy to now integrate and bring us back into into a natural flow.

You may also find it very useful to incorporate the use of mantras and affirmations. We post affirmations and mantras every Monday’s that you can subscribe to receive from us on our website.

Chanting mantras and affirmations during meditations while focusing your thoughts and intentions to heal and activate each chakra are proven very helpful. Getting attuned to Reiki is also a very powerful way to allowing this amazing flow of energy to naturally flow and activate.

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In Gratitude,

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