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Amazing Polo Santo

What is Polo Santo?

Polo Santo is a sacred wood that can be found in South America, it’s a type of wood that comes from the tree Polo Santo known as holy wood thanks to its many healing and spiritual properties.

Just like Sage the smoke of Polo Santo is powerfully cleansing and healing. Polo Santo is used in shamanic rituals in South America. It has a strange intoxicating smell a smell that’s very unique,it doesn’t smell at all like burning wood. It has been known for its spiritual properties that can only come during the death of the tree.

Polo Santo trees live 90 years or longer and lies dead 4-10 years before its harvested. During this time the polo Santo tree gains its sacred spiritual and healing properties.

Here are a list of those properties;

•Relieves Stress and anxiety

•Can help eliminate common cold symptoms and headaches

•Reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, and inflammation.

•Helps to ease emotional trauma and depression

•Raises your vibration and connection with the Devine.

•Enhances creativity

•Used during Massage, Reiki, & Crystal Therapy to elevate pain in muscles and joints

•Promotes skin health, gets rid of skin conditions.

•Has potential anti cancer effects

•Calms and promotes healthy immune support

How to use Polo Santo?

Simply light your stick with one end in flame for 30secs- let it smoke-set your intentions- let smoke fill your sacred space. Polo Santo is great and even more effective when combined with white sage. Polo Santo is very affordable and effective, Purchase Polo Santo Here!

Love & Light

Spiritual Butterfly 🦋

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