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***Subscriptions**** Thanks to all of you have subscribed! I promise this wheel keeps turning because of you and your support! Thank you! As I posted earlier, Once a Week preferably on Monday’s I will be personally sending out newsletters…Every week I will have informative information on the crystals I make and their metaphysical properties. I mean it’s really in depth information guys. I sit up and type this information and I add pictures and give background information on these crystals and the benefits they offer health wise and metaphysically. This is why it’s very important you add my business to your email contacts! This will ensure your receiving the Newsletters, giveaways, etc. Your the first to have access to any of this! Now if for any reason you join late, miss any information you maybe searching for I will also post it to the Heavenlybutterflyonline page. And you’ll be able to get it there! However the catch to that is you will not be able to view the pictures! Only text form. So it is important to tackle that now while it’s not as busy for yourself. Also starting this week I will be doing video blogs on YouTube once a week! We can meet face to face and you can ask questions there as well as some of my tarot readings will be done there! So in order to receive that information you MUST follow my Facebook heavenly Butterfly 🦋 page! Also I will be sending coupons, sales ad’s, special email letters, etc personally delivered to you once a week! Again! I thank you guys so very much! 😘😘😘 Peace and Blessings to you all!

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