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8 Spiritually Dope Tips To Embrace Your Spiritual Awakening!

8 Spiritually Dope Tips to Embrace Your Spiritual Awakening

1.) Remember your journey is your journey alone. Not everyone experiences the same calling.

2.) Never dim your light, to make anyone else

comfortable. Some people will tempt you into believing that your on the wrong path. And your journey isn’t yours. Some people are truly blind, and they love to lead the blind. Try new things and identify what makes you happy. Live your life to its fullest- we have one life in this one body! Live your life as only you wish to live your life.

3.) Distance yourself from those that don’t support your growth and journey. Some people won’t support your growth, because they see your greatness. If they feel that you will be greater than them, they may not support you. Surround yourself around people and places that will be conducive for your success.

4.) Whats meant for you, will always be for you! Keep your eyes on your blessings and your journey. Don’t get caught up in the “why not me” attitude. You have got to be grateful for your blessings. Otherwise you could miss your blessings looking into another’s.

5.) Trust in yourself! Trust in your journey, know that you are being lead to your greatness. Your intuition or gut feeling is never wrong. Trust it!

6.) Dont get discouraged, when we follow our true calling those that aren’t meant for us will drop out of your life. I found this difficult to understand at first. It was difficult leaving behind the ones I shared so much history with. But soon realized this was for my greater good. The truth surfaced not long after leaving the ones not meant to celebrate my greatness.

7.) Take chances and risks, the worst experience in life is waking up one day with regrets. Wishing you could go back in time to change something you wish you would have done differently. If you risk nothing you will gain nothing.

8.) Dont be afraid of being judged or rejected.

a) people love reminding you of your past and judging you on things you’ve done in your life. But do remember it’s not what you’ve done in your past, it’s where you are now that matters.

b) things are only as bad as you accept that they are. If you allow others to judge you and tell you the actions you’ve taken in the past made you a bad person. Then you will always agree with the stigma that you are a bad person. Take your power and control back and realize no one can judge you and what they say matters none.

c) Once you have faced that fear, I assure you being rejected and judged won’t be an issue. The right people will come along and accept everything about you.

Keep these tips in mind to be the best spiritually dope (YOU). You can be.

Worrying doesn’t help or solve anything it only intensifies the situation at hand, making it more difficult to face and deal with!

Blessed Be-

Spiritual Butterfly

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