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Ritual Bath & Cleansing Salts

Ritual Bath & Cleansing Salts

These amazing bath salts include:
*Epsom Salts
*Organic Herbs
*Flower Water 
*Essential Oils 
*Real Crystals

We currently have 2 brands available
*Ching Ching- Brings in abundance to bathe in and enhance. This bath salt calls in generational wealth, and boosts money management. 

*Enchanted Love~ Mending Heart- heals and calms the heart chakra after life events and break ups. Helps to call the love you desire into you. This one is VERY strong. 2 tblsp for each bath. 

Get your ritual baths and bring in the energy you need to propel you into the life you want to manifest.


Usage: 4oz is a month’s supply use every 2 weeks.
2 oz is a 2 weeks supply use every 2 weeks.
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