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Spiritual Awakening 🧚🏽

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Teri Taylor
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Queen of cups indicates that balance is very much needed and required at this time. It’s time to get grounded and centered, plant 🌱 your feet firmly into the ground (yes, even if it’s cold) it’s time to call upon the feminine energy within and around us. The world is lacking that feminine energy that brings compassion, love and nurturing. It’s a time to help the ones around us especially if we are in the position to do so.

It’s time to think and remain positive about all that is taking place in our lives and around us. Thus is not the best time to take anything or anyone for-granted. Remember that you are blessed, and remind yourself daily of those blessings so that you may call in more of those blessings during this time.

There is an increased clairvoyant energy surround us now. After the Dec 21st energy shift you can be assured to trust your intuition from here on out. The questions you may have now during this time will soon reveal themselves to you. Stay positive!

Teri Taylor


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