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Reiki Level 1,2,& Masters Certification Course

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Obtén un certificado al completar el programa.
Todos los que completen todos los pasos del programa obtendrán una insignia.


🌟 Reiki Level 1, 2, & Masters Certification Course 🌟 Instructor: Teri Taylor 🧘‍♀️ Classes Open: August 16, 2023 📅 9 Month Course 📚 Welcome to the transformative journey of Reiki! 🌈✨ Get ready to dive into the world of energy healing and unlock your full potential as a Reiki practitioner. 🙌 This comprehensive Reiki certification course, led by experienced instructor Teri Taylor, will guide you through the levels of Reiki, from Level 1 to Level 2 and ultimately to the Masters level. 🌟 Throughout the 12-week course, you will learn the ancient healing art of Reiki and its powerful techniques. 🌿💫 We will explore the principles of Reiki, the chakra system, energy anatomy, and how to channel healing energy for yourself and others. You will gain a deep understanding of the energetic body and how to balance and harmonize its flow. 🌌 The course will be a combination of theory, practical exercises, guided meditations, and interactive discussions. You will have the opportunity to practice Reiki on yourself and others, honing your skills and building confidence in your abilities as a healer. 💆‍♀️👐 In addition to the core curriculum, you will have the chance to explore specific areas of interest within Reiki, such as distance healing, crystal healing, and intuitive healing. 🌟🔮 Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Reiki Level 1, 2, & Masters Certification, allowing you to practice Reiki professionally and make a positive impact on the lives of others. 🙏✨

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